Sunday, May 19, 2013

Eye to Eye with a Dragonfly

Everyone who knows me well, knows, and I mean KNOWS that I don't do spiders, insects, bugs, even ants in many cases! 

Flashback---> I was a freshman in high school and it was a Saturday morning while I was watching cartoons (don't judge me), I noticed a trail of ants from the back patio door leading next to the sofa on which I was relaxing. I jumped up and ran to wake up my younger brother to tell him he had to come get rid of them! I was terrified!

Now, I'm eye to eye with a dragonfly!
I was able to capture this unique creature hovering atop my dried up pot of rosemary plants on my patio with a macro lens (or "micro" as Nikon likes to term them). This lens was gift from my mother a few years ago and I adore it! Thanks again Mommie :) 

Even in my crafting and stamping, butterflies and dragonflies are my comfort zone. So I fought back my anxiety, and stole a few glances of this little guy because I had no idea when I'd get the chance to do it again.

Have a great Sunday!

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