Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Postable! Yay for Snail Mail

I've seen this shared online and I think it's wonderful! It's an address book where I can send you snail mail. Crafter's rejoice!

I want to share happy mail with you...seriously :) If you'd like to receive one of my handmade cards, tags, etc. please add your info to my address book.

First 5 people to add their addresses will get a card for them and a pre-stamped one to mail to a friend! Free card, free postage, handmade happy mail...winning :) Click the Postable graphic below or type in the URL.

I've got my postage stamps ready and can't wait to start sharing with you! And I pinkie promise that I won't share your info or use your address for advertising crap...nobody likes that junk. Thanks, thanks, and thanks!

Deidre :)

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