Monday, April 25, 2016

Help Me! What's the URL to my Blogger post??

So you have a post that you want to share at a future date and/or time. 
Maybe you haven't even starting typing the post yet, but you have the photo ready. 
Or maybe it's a draft and isn't quite ready for the world to see...

How do you get visitors to that specific post from other sites when it's ready, 
without sending them on a wild goose chase around your entire blog??
  1. If you haven't started the post yet: Select your blog, then create a new post. 

    If you've started the draft, but haven't published it: Select your blog, then select the post draft.

  2. Decide on your title and type it in the box for the post title. This is the important step, because your URL link is created using it. Click Save; no to close the window.

  3. In the Post Settings column, click Permalink. An expanded window will open showing you the URL! Tada :) 

  4. Highlight starting at "http" and continue through "html". From your menu, select Edit --> Copy...or if you're like me, you can use shortcut keys-- Command+C (Mac) or Control+C (Windows).
  5. You can now paste that URL into other sites, posts, and use it as links for your photos. When you publish your post and it's live, all your guests have the zippiest way to find what they wanted to see on your site!
This is the quick and easy way and I hope this helps!  
Feel free to leave me comments or questions below :)
Have a great Monday!

xoxo Deidre

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