Friday, December 2, 2016

On My Craft Table with Inktense Blocks

Am I the only one who buys art supplies and lets them sit in the packaging for weeks waiting on just the right project or chance to use them?? Good to know you're shaking your head no and I'm not alone :)

I bought these Derwent Inktense Blocks a couple of months ago and used them for the first time today and I'm in L-O-V-E! I have a large set of the Inktense Pencils, so I knew to expect rich, saturated color when I hit them with water, but whoa! A little goes a long way and you can very easily layer colors. Here's a quick 2-minute demo.

TIP: In order to see what the color would be when I wet it, I glued a thin strip of watercolor paper (10 ½ in. x ¼ in.) on the railing along each side of the blocks, then used a water brush to transfer the color. Depending on your adhesive of choice, be careful not to get the glue on the top side of the paper, otherwise it'll act as a resist and you won't be able to lay down color in that area.

I wanted to step outside my comfort zone, so I asked a friend for 3 bright colors. I was told, yellow, orange, and green...hmmm, definitely not the three I would have chosen to play with first. The end result is this card!

One of the characteristics I adore the most with Inktense products, is their ability to remain permanent when dry. I tried this out by layering some of the green on top of the orange (normally you'd get mud) and got a great effect!

If you like bright, vivid colors; the capability to layer colors without worry; a portable product (even though the tin doesn't snap closed tightly), then don't let the price point ($48 for the 36 count I purchased) deter you!

Thanks for joining me for #onmycrafttable and have a great day!

Stamps: Demure (Penny Black Stamps), You're So Lovely (Hero Arts)

xoxo Deidre

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  1. Beautiful card. I love how the flower bloom extends onto the black card I wish I could say, "That's not me," to answer your question.